Mitty Computer Science Club

Creating an environment to explore students' interest in computer science and programming!


Who are we?

We are a student-led club at Archbishop Mitty High School that prioritizes generating and cultivating interest in computer science and programming. We hope to help each and every individual student excel wherever their CS journey leads them.

What do we do?

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Each meeting, CS Club hosts 2 workshops on a diverse set of topics topics ranging from game design and web development to machine learning. Each workshop is started and finished in one meetingso just enroll in the Canvas course and choose the workshop that speaks to you! We promise you'll love it!

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Guest Speakers!

CS Club also invited guest speakers to attend meetings and give presentations. We find that having experienced programmers present to high school students and hosting a Q&A helps raise further interest in computer science. Keep watching Canvas announcements for when guest speakers will be presenting!

Meeting Schedule